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A Few of my Favourite Artists

Up in Smoke Graphics
Christina Delong is an amazing artist. Her colours are vibrant, and her skill is unbelievable. She can render anything. ANYTHING! I idolize her so...
Metal and Magic
A venture inside the strange, strange, mind of Ursula Vernon. ^^ Unusual subjects, hilarious commentary, and very cool art. Her stuff is too much fun to pass up.
The art of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Her art, mostly fantasy, is gorgeous and flowing. Her style is simply beautiful, and her skill with watercolours is downright astounding. Take a look, be amazed.
Beautiful work, she excels at fantasy beasts, and her computer colouring is so very... rich. Amoung her work is my favourite piece of all time -- be sure to take a look at "Save Me from the Monster."
The detail -- THE DETAIL! Why does she love beautiful clothing with complex trim and fanciness so? She was originally my favourite furry artist, but no longer draws furries. Her newer characters and work, however, are very much worth checking out. The detail will blow your mind.
She makes it look easy, but her drawings and Oekaki work come from someone truly talented. Her work is cute and fun, and I must admit I'm in love with the way she draws faces and hair. Go lookee!
Amber "Miss Mab" Panyko was one of my first art idols, and I still really enjoy her art. ^^ Her stuff is cute and I love her characters -- go check her out!

Here's most of the webcomics I currently read.
Not all of them are... er... family friendly, if you will, so read at your own discretion. ^^;

8-Bit Theater
A fabulously witty sprite comic, and the only webcomic I read religiously.
"As sacriligeous as...something sacriligeous," this comic makes me laugh out loud. Loudly. Like, it's seriously HILARIOUS.
It's worth it to read through the archives: DMFA grows from a midly amusing in-joke to a hilarious and intriguing story. That and it's got great art.
This one's terribly funny if you play or have a general idea of how to play Dungeons and Dragons. It's also extremely well-written.
Bob and George
Arguably the first sprite comic. Though it centers around Megaman, knowledge of Megaman's world is by no means necessary. It's worth it to read through the comic's uncertain beginning, because it becomes awfully funny once it gets started.
Spells & Whistles
[This link doesn't go to the right place because Tauhid took his old comics down. I'll put the proper link up when he puts them back on the interweb. 'Til then, this link takes you to another of his projects]
A fantasy-based comic that I enjoy greatly. Fabulous art, too.
I've gotta be honest, I'm linking this comic for its archives. Go back and read it from the beginning, I really love the old comics.

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